25th edition

July 10th 2011

Giulan – thanks was the title of the 2011 Maratona, now in its 25th year. 9131 days had passed since 1987 when the first Maratona was staged with 166 cyclists. Some of these, like Giorgio Apolloni with bib 1 and Roberto Della Noce, 2, still race today with the same enthusiasm as in the past.
The race is also ridden by Olympic champions, managers and famous people, enjoying the exciting challenge that allows them to admire the Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enel becomes the title sponsor of the event.

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26th edition

July 1st 2012

2012: was the year of the Smile. 8703 cyclists competed, 746 of whom were women. Gorgeous, sunny day. The Maratona is not only a great sport festival, but a celebration of the environment. There are lots of initiatives as incentives for an eco-sustainable event. New features in 2012 included: official jerseys no longer wrapped individually in plastic packages, the eco-pocket on the side of the jersey, the use of completely recyclable propylene cups and plates, the reduction of paper inside the race packs. The event’s “Carbon Neutrality” index in 2012 was 80%. A great result.

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27th edition

June 30th 2013

Cold, snow, sun and dedication followed in perfect Harmony - the theme of the 2013 edition. There were 9143 cyclists of the 9339 selected by lottery, from 52 countries. The temperature at 6.30 am, the time the race started, was 5°. Despite the cold, the competitors raced to conquer the Dolomite passes with the usual courage.
Michil Costa, the event organiser, described the day after 6 hours of live TV broadcasting as “…an important page in a book of wonders, the ideal combination of nature, culture and plenty of heart”.

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28th edition

July 6th 2014

Time was the main theme of 2014. 8969 riders left La Villa in a 36-minute long train, the time it took the cyclists to enter the competition to the rhythm of live music and encouragement. 32.600 people asked to participate, but the formula remained the same: a fixed number of participants, car-free Dolomite passes, charity initiatives and eco-sustainability, with the use of electric cars and motorbikes for the service.
The "Mür dl giat" - cat's wall was the great new feature. A deviation through the centre of La Villa, 200 m climb with a maximun gradient of 19%.

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29th edition

July 5th 2015

A marvellous day greeted the 9.302 athletes from 64 countries. The Maratona 2015 was confirmed once again as even more of an international event.
The theme of the race Forgiveness, demonstrated that it was a far-ranging event that touched all our sensibilities. There is no beauty without awareness. And the Maratona is a constant invitation to ride with strong legs and an open mind.

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30th edition

July 3rd 2016

The theme chosen for the 30th edition was the Journey. In fact, we set off a long time ago and have never stopped.
8.903 cyclists started at 6.30 a.m. from La Villa. Half of the cyclists were Italian, the other half are a heterogeneous group from five different continents; Qatar, Japan, Korea, Colombia and Kazakhstan, are only some of the nationalities of the cyclists travelling from afar. Also many VIP's and sportsmen cycled the Maratona: Alex Zanardi, Miguel Indurain, Manfred Mölgg, Dorothea Wierer and Federico Pellegrino to mention a few of them.

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A new logo

To celebrate 30 years of the Maratona we have decided to renew our logo.
A monogram with the M that represents not only the M of Maratona, but also the M of mountain with its continual ascents and descents and its passes to cross, one after another. There is a special feature: if you look carefully, the top right-hand part of the M represents the last two climbs of the Maratona: Passo Giau and Valparola.
The monogram is strong, powerful and geometrically perfect, but inside it has a heart of tremendous colours that represents these places.

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31st edition

July 2nd 2017

The theme chosen for the 31st Maratona was Love
9.129 cyclists coming from 69 nations started on this quite cold morning (5 degrees)

Among the participants there was for the first time also Sir Bradley Wiggins. His successes include also the Tour de France and several Olympic gold medals. “
I really enjoyed it although it was very tough” were the first words of Sir Bradley Wiggins at the finish line.

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32nd edition

July 1st 2018

The theme chosen for the 32nd Maratona was Equilibrium.
9239 cyclists started with mild temperatures and under a blue sky. Seeing the long procession of racers that fill the road from La Villa to Campolongo with their colours for 30 minutes is, as always, pure emotion both for those who watched it live on TV and for those who supported participants at the start.
This year the traditional starting pistol was fired by Eddy Merckx, a world cycling legend.

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33rd edition

July 7th 2019

The theme chosen for the 33rd Maratona was Tomorrow.
The rays of the sun caressed the 9038 cyclists, who started at 6.30 a.m.
The beauty of the Maratona is the fact that you can ride over the passes that made history in world cycling, without being chased by cars and motorbikes.
The theme of tomorrow highlighted the charity initiatives that have always been characteristic of the Maratona. The charity funds were donated also to the Colle Santa Lucia and Livinallongo municipalities, where the storm damaged and destroyed millions of trees, roads and paths.

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Dedicated to art, the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel 2020 will remain an unfinished artwork. But as you may be aware, it is not always possible to complete an artwork in a short time.
Due to the difficult situation linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, the organising committee has decided to cancel this year's appointment and to finish the artwork next year on July, 4th 2021.
Nevertheless, we launched the MyMdD initiative, which allowed to ride the Maratona individually through the summer and autumn. Each cyclist received a customized finisher cap as a gift.

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34th edition

July 4th 2021

It was supposed to be a rainy, cold, and gloomy day but at 6.30 a.m. a pale sun, which gradually became brighter and brighter, welcomed the 5.615 cyclists ready to start the 34th edition of Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel, this year dedicated to Art. A smaller number than usual, due to the pandemic reasons, but in complete safety. This was a fundamental requirement that the organizers had strongly insisted upon when, in spring, they decided that the race could take place in full.
Fabio Cini and Marta Maltha won the long course of 138 kilometres and over 4,000m altitude gain in the Ladin Dolomites.
It has been a very special edition, unthinkable until shortly before and therefore even more impressive.

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