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Countdown to the #mdd33

Alta Badia
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Our refreshments along the route and at the finish in Corvara will be provided by our catering partners and by the local producers.

Energy boosters are essential during endurance events; when doing sports, we lose a large quantity of mineral salts. This is why it is important to stock up on the energy boosters provided by Enervit at the refreshments.
The company from Reggio Emilia will supply its tasty breadsticks to whet our appetite at the refreshments along the route.

Loacker is a local company from the Renon high plateau and it provides the biscuits at the refreshments. You can enjoy Loacker's treats even the day before the race, because they are included in the race pack.

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay. It's important to enjoy an apple from Alto Adige at the final food station; a tasty treat to reward yourself for reaching the finish line.

Stocking up on food at the end of the Maratona is essential: this is why Giovanni Rana and his team bring us their famous tortellini.

A Maratona sponsor that supplies the famous Valtellina bresaola.
This year a Segafredo coffee point has been set up at the Gardena food area: what’s better than a good spurt of energy before diving into the great fatigue that still awaits the thousands of enthusiasts facing the challenge of the most beautiful granfondo in the world?
Warsteiner supplies the beer at the final station; the German company is a historic sponsor of the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, and will quench your thirst with Premium Verum beer.
The Alto Adige distributor supplies the ham you find in sandwiches at the food stations and most of the meat at the final refreshment.

The bread, the cake at the refreshments and the strudel you find at the final food station come from the bakeries and patisseries of Alta Badia.


Bananas, oranges, lemons and much more are also available at the refreshments along the way.


You can also find gluten-free biscuits at the food stations. Just ask our collaborators.