Refreshment Partners

Our refreshments along the route and at the finish in Corvara will be provided by our catering partners and by the local producers.

The Ambrosoli honeys tell the typical flavors and aromas of the territories where they are harvested, respecting and enhancing the work of the producers who work from a sustainable perspective to bring into your home a honey that is the result of love, passion and respect for nature.

Among the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, Prosecco is a a way of life. Its popular lively bubbles embody a sense of friendship, gathering and pleasure. Like the bubbles of Cantine Maschio, the sign of excellence of an enchanting land.

At the Falzarego Pass, thanks to the partnership with Delicious Trail Dolomiti, an array of delicacies, tasty titbits and local treats from Ampezzo will be available. This initiative is part of the Delicious Trail Dolomiti, the foot race along the tracks of the Dolomites, taking place in late September.

Dolomia rises in the Dolomite Mountains, taking the most precious elements from the dolomite rock.
Drinking natural, tasty and healthy water is the one of the most simple but precious gifts you can give to your body. Dolomia mineral water is the perfect water for the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel.

Birra Dolomiti beer is made from a combination of crystal clear mountain water, 100% Italian cereals, barley malt from the Dolomites and a selection of the best European hops. Respect for the right fermentation time and long maturation at 0°C make this beer unique. Come and taste it at the finish line!

Energy boosters are essential during endurance events; when doing sports, we lose a large quantity of mineral salts. This is why it is important to stock up on the energy boosters provided by Enervit at the refreshments.

Gastrofresh offers awesome quality products of the Südtirol region. Gastrofresh supplies the cheese you find in sandwiches at the food stations.

Since 1957, Granarolo has been guided by solid values and believes in well-being and sustainability. The Granarolo Benessere High Protein line responds to people's needs with a wide range of high protein products. Enjoy feeling good!

GrissinBon, the company from Reggio Emilia will supply its tasty breadsticks to whet our appetite at the refreshments along the route.

Loacker is a local company from the Renon high plateau and it provides the biscuits at the refreshments. You can enjoy Loacker's treats even the day before the race, because they are included in the race pack.

The Chi Prà farm will be present in the hospitality area with its products from its dairy factory in Badia.

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay. It's important to enjoy a Marlene apple from Alto Adige at the final food station; a tasty treat to reward yourself for reaching the finish line.

Stocking up on food at the end of the Maratona is essential: this is why Giovanni Rana and his team bring us their famous tortellini.

Roter Hahn - Red Rooster is 100% South Tyrolean, marking the excellent quality of its products and guaranteeing that the processing of the products has taken place directly at the farms belonging to the label. Roter Hahn, the seal of quality for South Tyrolean farms.

Bio Santerhof farm is the producer of south tyrolean apple juice and wines.

The Segafredo coffee point is set up at the Gardena food area: what’s better than a good spurt of energy before diving into the great fatigue that still awaits the thousands of enthusiasts facing the challenge of the most beautiful granfondo in the world?

The unmistakeable hallmark taste of Speck Alto Adige PGI is firmly rooted in the culinary tradition of its homeland, and closely-guarded family recipes passed down from generation to generation. The secret lies in the distinctive herby crust formed by a blend of rosemary, bay, juniper and a little salt and pepper. Gentle smoking and slow curing in the abundantly fresh mountain air transform this this culinary treat into a top-quality gourmet product.

Wörndle, the Alto Adige distributor supplies the ham you find in sandwiches at the food stations and most of the meat at the final refreshment.

For more than 70 years, Yoga has been passing on a unique way of doing things and an expertise, a true natural vocation, in selecting only the best quality fruits to achieve the authentic and unmistakable taste of each juice.

The bread, the cake at the refreshments and the strudel you find at the final food station come from the bakeries and patisseries of Alta Badia.

Bananas, oranges, lemons and much more are also available at the refreshments along the way.

You can also find gluten-free products at the food stations. Just ask our collaborators.