15th edition

July 1st 2001

The theme for 2001 was Magic Lives in Us.
The fixed number of participants was raised to 7000.

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16th edition

June 30th 2002

The 2002 edition was dedicated to women and was broadcasted live for the first time on the italian national channel RAI3.
It was an unexpected success: millions of people discovered the wonders of the route wedged between the Dolomites. All future editions of the Maratona dles Dolomites will be broadcasted live on TV.

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17th edition

July 6th 2003

In 2003 the Maratona was dedicated to people who live with a disability and was twinned with the New York Marathon.
Organisers decided to introduce anti-doping controls.

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18th edition

July 4th 2004

The family was the focus of the 2004 edition. All three routes were closed to traffic for the first time. The Maratona without cars is amazing.
The maximum number of participants was increased to 8000 and registration ended in one week.

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19th edition

July 3rd 2005

The 2005 edition of the Maratona was dedicated to the angels. There was also another new feature: given the growing number of participants and requests to take part, the committee introduced a draw system, so you could only take part if your name was drawn.
The decision was a little controversial, but was eventually accepted by everyone.

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20th edition

July 2nd 2006

The 2006 edition took place over three routes that would now become the usual ones. The Maratona was dedicated to the colours and had a very special guest: Jetsum Pema, the sister of the Dalai Lama, representing the Tibetan Children's Village Association.
The maximum number of participants was increased to 8500 competitors, but requests to take part were almost double that.

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21st edition

July 1st 2007

Gotes - drops, was the key word for 2007. Fortunately for the riders, the drops were of sweat and not of rain, given the wonderful day.
There were 8500 participants from 39 countries. As in previous years there were famous names from the sports and business world at the starting line.
The kids race changed its name and became the “Maratona for Kids”, still organised by Maria Canins.

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22nd edition

June 29th 2008

The success of the Maratona continued in 2008, known as Fostüs, traces.
As always the race was broadcast live from the start and for the first time there was a Youtube film contest dedicated to the Maratona. 

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23rd edition

July 5th 2009

Energy was the theme of 2009. A shuttle service was set up to avoid polluting roads in Alta Badia. The number of requests to take part increased continually, but the maximum number remained fixed. People began to complain in sector publications.
There was a surprise at the finish line: one of the winners was disqualified because he was caught throwing waste away during the race.

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24th edition

July 4th 2010

The ecological focus of the Maratona is increasingly central and evident, to the point where the 2010 edition was entitled Eco?Logical!.
The event boasted 70% carbon neutral certification. The idea was to gain international recognition for the event that managed to reduce all kinds of pollution. Closing the race routes to cars made an important contribution to this.

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