The Maratona is green

The theme of sustainability has always been at the heart of the Maratona, and because the word sustainability means something concrete to us, each year we try to add a new element to make the event more ecological and less harmful to the environment.

Below we list a series of initiatives related to event sustainability in the 37th edition of the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel.

One of last year's goals was to drastically reduce the use of single-use plastic at the final refreshment area with the introduction of glass ceramic plates and reusable crockery. In 2023, it was the turn to introduce reusable glasses to minimise single-use materials.

Green angels are the six mechanics on electric bikes who follow participants along the course.

Full-electric cars provided by Audi to accompany the jury and assistance along the race route.

The sensitivity of the Maratona to environmental issues is confirmed by the Green Corner: in this area, some of our volunteers will help visitors sort their rubbish. Last but not least, the exhibitors have made a great effort to reduce the use of plastic by using either paper or biodegradable plastic.

Re-using wood, the structures that host the various partners have been made, for the first time, from wood supplied by a local company that only uses wood taken from the trees that fell during the bad weather conditions during the Vaia storm.

Shuttle service, the shuttle that connects all the villages in Alta Badia and that participants can use to get to Badia for free to pick up their race packs. It is an essential service to avoid traffic problems and to reduce energy consumption. A free guarded bike depot service is also offered to encourage all participants to cycle to collect their bib number.

Close attention paid to materials, the Maratona Magazine is printed on recycled paper and invitations and notifications are sent to cyclists in electronic format only;
Zero-kilometre locally-sourced medal: all participants of the Maratona received a medal practically hand-made by local valley craftsmen using natural materials, like pine wood and stone.

The dish of the Maratona, created by local chef Andrea Irsara of the "Gourmet Hotel Gran Ander" in Badia and nutritionist Elena Casiraghi, was prepared using only local and km 0 ingredients.

Waste, the regulations state that any participants who throw paper or other waste on the ground during the race will be disqualified.

Volunteers, a group of forty people who spend the day after the Maratona inspecting the six Dolomite passes and the entire race route, collecting any rubbish that passers-by may have left there throughout the year.

Our partners are on the same wavelength
Many of our partners are very aware of environmental issues, which is why they find it important to work on an event as important as the Maratona.
Carvico, always at the forefront of environmental protection, will provide all participants with a west made of 100% regenerated fabrics from pre- and post-consumer waste materials such as fishing nets, carpet fluff and stiff tulle.
The Castelli jerseys are provided in paper bags to avoid nylon ones and they also have an eco-pocket and is fitted with a number pocket incorporated into the back (no need for safety pins).
The focus remains on sustainability thanks to Enervit who devised the bag for the race packs together with the Selyn cooperative from Sri Lanka, certified WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). A 100% cotton bag which can be used and re-used time and time again, eco-friendly.

Thanks not only to its own actions but also to the support received from its partner companies, the Maratona aims at taking increasingly big steps towards a tomorrow that knows how to look to the future with increasing respect for nature. We're all well aware that we only have one planet, and it doesn’t belong to us, it merely hosts us.

Join in and help us to make our event increasingly respectful of the environment. If we want tomorrow to be a real and liveable possibility, we must to act today.