The right clothes for men

The appropriate clothing varies depending on the route chosen. It also depends greatly on the weather and the temperature of the preceding days.

At the start, it's usually cool for everyone because the sun hasn't yet hit the route and the temperature hovers around 4 degrees Celsius.

If the forecasts suggest a full day of sunshine, then it's ideal to start with the event jersey and shorts, a lightweight vest like the Aria Vest or the Fly Vest over the jersey (which can be easily removed later), and a sleeveless breathable base layer like the Pro Mesh 2.0 Sleeveless or the Core Mesh 3 Sleeveless. It's important to have a vest that provides excellent wind protection because in the mountains, even when there's sunshine, the wind rarely abates, and there's a risk of feeling cold, especially on descents. For those less tolerant to cold, the Aria Shell Jacket might be a more suitable solution than the vest.

When the morning temperature drops to 2-3 degrees Celsius, it's necessary to also use the event arm warmers over the vest, at least in the first phase of the race. For those opting for the medium or long course, the advice is to leave it with a friend after the first kilometers, while for those opting for the short distance, wearing it for the entire duration of the route could be a good idea. Additionally, instead of the sleeveless base layer, it would be advisable to wear a short-sleeved base layer like the Pro Mesh 2.0 Short Sleeve or the Core Mesh 3 SS, capable of keeping you slightly warmer during the initial hours.

If the forecasts indicate variable weather and cold throughout the day, a heavier vest could be useful, such as the Perfetto RoS 2 Vest (which can be easily removed as temperatures rise), and a quality windproof jacket, like the Gavia Jacket or the Gavia Lite Jacket.

Finally, an item you absolutely cannot do without is the rain jacket, especially in the mountains where weather conditions are constantly changing and unpredictable. In this regard, we recommend the Tempesta Lite Jacket or the Emergency 2 Rain Jacket, both extremely compressible. You can store your jacket in one of the pockets of the vest or jersey and keep it there for the entire time, in case you don't need it, but in the meantime, you have the certainty of staying dry in case of rain.

Regarding accessories, arm warmers are essential, regardless of the temperature and weather conditions. On warmer days, the Pro Seamless 2 Arm Warmer could be an excellent option, while in cold weather, it would be ideal to wear the Nano Flex 3G Armwarmers. Gloves also play a crucial role in facing the race in the right way. Especially in the morning, they could protect your hands from the cold and prevent the unpleasant situation caused by so-called chilblains. Depending on the temperature, you could consider a summer glove like the Icon Race Glove or the Premio Glove, or a lightweight long glove like the Lightness 2 Glove or the Perfetto Light Glove. In extremely cold days, the Nano Flex 3G knee warmers, which offer protection to the quadriceps and knee, can also be useful.

Information provided by Castelli