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Charity 2014: 

water for life



In 2014, once again, we offered special registrations at an increased price, the difference of which have been allocated to three associations: one is the Südtiroler Sporthilfe (www.sporthilfe.it) which supports real sporting talent, young people who cannot afford to finance their competitions, the other is the “Alex Zanardi BIMBINGAMBA” Association (www.bimbingamba.com) which makes artificial limbs for children who have undergone amputations and do not have access to proper health care and the third one is the Association of Groups of Belluno "Insieme si può" ("Together we can") non-profit making organization NPA/NGO (www.365giorni.org) which supported a project in the sector of water and health in Uganda and Somalia.


This project was created to improve the quality of life of over 3,000 people: men, women and children who live in conditions of extreme poverty in Uganda and Somalia. Since the 2014 edition of the Maratona, thanks to funds collected from charity registrations and further donations from teams and competitors, we are all following an important path to ensure that water and hygiene are rights that are guaranteed everywhere and, together with these, that justice and peaceful co-existence are promoted everywhere, especially in schools. Despite the difficult situations in which action takes place, where operators and volunteers work personally to set up and verify projects, the results of this commitment can be seen and enlighten our path.

Therefore thank you, in the name of the Kautakou elementary school that now has a solar powered well installed together with a rainwater collection system for the school allotments. Thank you from the students of the P. Pio professional institute who today have a 50,000-litre tank, which they helped to build, to collect and pump water. Thank you from the children of the Ahmed Abdulahi Wayeel elementary school in Somalia, who every day experience the tragedy of war: they finally have drinking water and latrines, which will protect them from countless infections and illnesses. Thanks also from the children at the St. Mary Nadiket School in Uganda, who today have new brick latrines. Thanks also from the little students at the Primary School in Tapac who now have guaranteed access to water from a well with a manual pump. Finally, thank you from the villages of Nadidoka and Nacogorom: they too finally have access to clean water every day, because they have a well.

Everyone’s enthusiasm has been amply repaid: this is truly a path worth following together!


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