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Alta Badia
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Charity projects 2012


In 2012 we offered special registrations at an increased price, the difference of which has been allocated to two associations: the Südtiroler Sporthilfe (www.sporthilfe.it) and the Association of Groups of Belluno "Insieme si può" ("Together we can") non-profit making organization NPA/NGO (www.365giorni.org) which supported two projects related to education.

The main charity project "School support" was implemented in the region Agoè-Lomè in Togo.


The project objectives were the following ones:
- Promotion of education of poor children;
- Reduction of the rate of school dropout and illiteracy;
- Support the costs of apprenticeship to those who have left school;
- Payment of school fees for a group of pupils in primary and secondary schools;
- Provision of textbooks, exercise books and school uniforms.

In the region of Agoè-Lomè school dropout, the abandonment of classes and many failures are serious problems. Currently about 90% of children begins the cycle of primary education, and on average 50% drop out before completing their fourth year. Education and training of young people are vital to build a more prepared society to gradually eliminate poverty and give every person the opportunity to find the means to live in dignity.


The second charity project was implemented in Kampala (Uganda) by the association Masanafu Child And Family Support (MCAFS). The main objective of MCAFS is to fight underdevelopment, through education and vocational courses. The NGO "Insieme si può...", in consideration of the great human and social value of school for young people who otherwise would be condemned to a life of poverty and marginalization, has chosen to work with Maratona Dles Dolomites- Enel in supporting this programme. The project covers building a school complex, on three floors, including classrooms, an office for the head teacher and teachers and an exhibition room where the work done by the youngsters in the mechanical and carpentry workshops can be presented. The school was opened in May 2013.