Formula Bici RideYourDream

wants to help every cyclist to become a "finisher" of Italian Granfondos

Formula Bici, the Association that includes all the most important Italian sportive cycling events, launches ‘Formula Bici RideYourDream’, an initiative that will enable all cyclists to become a ‘Finisher’ of the many events on the Formula Bici 2020 calendar, and to support the vital work of the “Protezione Civile Italiana” with their registration fee being donated.

Formula Bici is the point of reference for all the Italian cyclists, representing the country’s most significant sportive cycling events - Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Nove Colli, Eroica, Sportful Dolomiti Race, Granfondo Strade Bianche, La Fausto Coppi, Granfondo Felice Gimondi, Dolomiti Superbike… and many others – in road bicycle, mountain bike, stage races, randonnées and vintage cycling, and working to improve many aspects of this exciting world of events, including safety, hospitality, and respect for the environment.

In a season so difficult for everyone, even the amateur cycling movement has suffered significantly, with the cancellation of almost all the races scheduled for 2020, except for some which have been postponed to autumn. Formula Bici is determined to send a positive signal, launching an initiative to raise funds, but also to motivate all cyclists: this is ‘Formula Bici RideYourDream’, designed to allow all cyclists to become a ‘Finisher’ of any Formula Bici event, by paying a contribution of €10 which will be donated entirely to the “Protezione Civile Italiana” (Italian Civil Protection).

But how does Formula Bici RideYourDream work? You have just to register in the RideYourDream area of the Formula Bici website (www.formulabici.it) and then complete, on a course of your choice, any of the different events of the Formula Bici 2020 calendar, as listed on the website, by December 31st of this year. You can select the event based on the distance or the total altitude that you want to ride. You can complete the most prestigious amateur cycling events in Italy on roads of your choice, with distances ranging from 52 to 209km and total altitude ranging from 400 to 4,900 meters!

The rules are very simple: you can ride your bike wherever you want and when you want so long as you respect the total distance of the event with a margin of +/-10% and the total altitude gain with a margin of +/-5%. When you finish your ride you have to upload the data recorded with your GPS and you’ll receive a personalized ‘Finisher’ certificate for the event you have chosen.

“With this initiative we want to give a positive signal to the world of cycling and let cyclists worldwide dream about riding the most iconic Italian events,” says Formula Bici General Manager Matteo Gerevini, “and I am sure that Formula Bici RideYourDream can give great motivation to all the cyclists so ‘depressed’ in a year with no events, and push them to chase their dreams and ride with enthusiasm in their own safe places throughout the season, reaching the goal of completing a Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel, a Nove Colli or one of the other many races that make up Formula Bici.”

All participants in the Formula Bici RideYourDream initiative will also receive a two months free use of the app Bike Personal Coach, offered by BIKEVO, official partner of Formula Bici.

For further information visit https://formulabici.it/en-ride-your-dream/

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