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Alta Badia
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Michil's corner

President of the organizing committee



Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel 2019: duman - tomorrow

It's midnight. This is the beginning of our story. 'Our story' so to speak, given that, from a perspective of time, the story of humankind is devoid of meaning. At 'our' midnight, the blue Planet is not yet blue - it is liquefied. Then it cools down and the Earth's crust is formed. Yes, because in certain parts it is so thin that the forces of the Earth burst out with inconceivable violence, like in Iceland. But let's take things one step at a time. The Moon arrives, and the first hours on our 'hypothetical' clock, all sorts occurs, from meteorite crashes to violent impacts with other celestial bodies. The clock strikes 4am and life on Earth begins. A couple of billion years go by, and it's two o'clock. That's when the miracle occurs: some algae with only one self-sufficient cell take form. This story is incessant, uninterrupted, and now it's only one hour until midnight. Dinosaurs appear and this is where things speed up; mammals come into the picture 20 minutes before midnight. A couple of minutes later we saunter in, and over a short time between one ecocide and another, we manage to compromise the entire ecosystem of the Earth. A system violently and harshly created in 'only' five billion and a half years. The so-called Humankind is stubborn: it desperately and pig-headedly is trying to destroy the Planet which at this rate, is destined to be disintegrated. It's not long till midnight. And tomorrow? If we continue to measure ourselves against concepts of space and time, we appear insignificant, and even more irritating, arrogant and boisterous; in only 250 million years, there will be nothing left of our time on this Earth. But without looking so far into the distance, we may even survive a couple of hundred years, which on a 24-hour time reference correspond to milliseconds on the greater scheme of things. However, there is a but: there has never been any species more extraordinarily intelligent than humankind. My suggestion for a not-so-distant-future is to pause and reflect for a while. What do you think?

Michil Costa