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Michil's corner

President of the organizing committee



Maratona 2019

Tomorrow. If we carry on this way, there won't be enough space for everyone tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we'll be governed by artificial intelligence created with our own hands. Tomorrow, the world might be a little greyer, with more water in the oceans and less water to drink. Tomorrow, young men will be more sensitive than we are today. Tomorrow, we'll realise that reasoning only in terms of constant financial growth is misleading. All this speaking about tomorrow, yet we know nothing about it. Maybe it'll be an utopia and catastrophizing serves no purpose and does not help towards facing it with positivity. Tomorrow may have beautiful surprises in store; it may be able to teach us the importance of kindness, if we are open to it. Tomorrow, we might discover that what counts the most is love; not the GDP.

In 2019, the Marathon will be dedicated to the future, which always begins today. We cannot put tomorrow off; we need to tackle it head on, with renewed vigour. May tomorrow bring positivity to the areas hit by the storms in our beloved Dolomites, specifically in Fodom and Agordino. May tomorrow be a good day for people, things, houses, trees, streets and trails, for our lives here in the mountains and down on the plains, along the coastlines and on the islands, in the towns and in the big cities.

But our biggest hope for tomorrow, starting from right now, is to live in peace, embrace one another, without judging or categorising, to become more open, tolerant and supportive. We should choose not to merely skim through, but to follow and thoroughly understand the Pope's message with his Laudato Si’ which could be of great help and inspiration. This is my hope when thinking about tomorrow. This is what we should aspire to starting from today.

As for our future Marathon: a sincere wish to those who have successfully applied, and a warm embrace to those who have not succeeded this time, with the hope that it will work out on the next occasion!

Michil Costa