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Michil's corner

President of the organizing committee



Ecuiliber - balance

Balance. Without it, problems may appear. Take the economy: only a balanced economy can create a balanced society and balanced individuals. This is not the case these days: on one side, there is everything; on the other, nothing or very little. Those who have nothing are called 'different' by those who have a lot. Those who have a lot struggle to embrace those who have nothing or very little. There is no balance in all of this. There is inequality. Only those who manage to maintain a certain degree of balance are capable of embracing others, and therefore, of being supportive: because embracing others is based on solidarity not tolerance.

Balance. Let's take world countries: isn't the distinction between those who have nuclear arsenals and those who are still developing too strong? Lack of balance makes us fall; it makes us lose our level-headedness. Let's take the clear division between Sciences and Humanities: does it not create an imbalance in terms of view and perception of the modern world? Already back in 5th century B.C., medical theorist Alcmaeon of Croton, suggested that wellbeing was the harmonious combination of opposing qualities, while disease stemmed from a lack of balance. Therefore, well-being, in the most generic sense of the word, is the balance between opposing properties.

Balance. We are part man, part woman. A little light, a little dark, even when it comes to our skin. Somewhat beautiful, somewhat ugly. In part happy, in part sad. In other words: everything that is around us is within us. Even other people are within us. We are part of the other person. So why not embrace those who are more feminine and less masculine, darker and less light, sadder and less happy? To embrace is to relate. It is openness. To embrace you need balance, which is a source of well-being. Embracing goes beyond hospitality. People who are hospitable aren't necessarily always welcoming. We need to support ourselves too , to accept our weaknesses, reward our successes, big or small, forgive ourselves our shortcomings, observe and not just distractedly look at the peak of that mountain that rewards us with all its beauty when we reach the top. Rebalance on the inside to do better on the outside.

Balance. The only possible compromise to move forward and not get stuck. To grow. To take the time to grow. Because if you aren't growing, you aren't really living. And when it comes to cycling... you need balance to ride a bike, right?

Michil Costa