Begngnü, it’s good to see you, New Year.

Begngnü, it’s good to see you, New Year. We warmly welcome you. We've waved goodbye to last year, your older brother. With no kisses and no embraces. We said our goodbyes without the slightest hint of sadness.
That brother of yours really put us to the test, but also made us smile; he also tripped us up a few times, causing more than one of us to fall pretty badly. He made us change our plans, cancel trips, alter destinations; he shifted our finish line and sometimes even denied us of it; he challenged us with the steepest slopes, putting our characters to the test both physically and mentally, and he made us understood our passion for life. Passion in the true sense of the word.
Take note, oh dear New Year, that we love life and all things beautiful and we have not let ourselves be beaten; we've actually pushed harder on those pedals, we’ve fought back and now that the old year has gone, without any regret, we're ushering you in, to be our strength and our hope. We no longer wish to think of the tears and bloodshed of the past, and we’ll accept what is to come, welcoming in all its wonder with plenty of curiosity; just like when we have to take on an unknown climb, or embark a new journey. We can’t wait to put on our shorts and jerseys, our helmets and glasses, shoes and gloves: there are hundreds of kilometres we want to conquer, whether alone or in a group, always with plenty of enthusiasm and energy and together with you, our precious teammate; during those long bike rides, we’ll ask ourselves the right questions about what awaits us. There are plenty of new opportunities on the horizon, new challenges, moments racing by that can be either filled with emotion or simply left empty. Please guide us in the direction of radical thoughts and gentle actions, drive us towards solidarity even before tolerance, and towards justice first and compassion after. Dear 2021, please surprise us, let us get back in the saddle, not as mere followers but as real captains; allow us to get a grip of our lives again. Of course, I want to take hold of the handlebars right now, if you want I’ll even ride tandem, but please don't take me up a via ferrata on a racing bike!
The most difficult challenges are the ones that give us the most satisfaction when we reach the finish line; it is the steepest climbs, the ones that can still be rode up and really make us sweat, that bring us the greatest amount of happiness and pride at the end, which is why we’re looking forward to the surprises you have in store for us, oh lovely New Year, with your unexpected joys and visions of beauty.
We sincerely hope that all you dear cyclists and pilgrims out there can make your dreams come true, that you can love and smile unconditionally and that each cork popped corresponds to an objective achieved. So, Bun Ann, may we have bikes and kisses in abundance!

michil costa

January 01, 2021

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