Autumn. The season when the beautiful wind blows

Autumn. The season when the beautiful wind blows. The “in” season, not a season that we’d otherwise call “out”. The seasons are not merely a result of tourism - far from it. It would actually be much better to get rid of “tourist seasons”; at the end of the day, beauty can be found in all seasons. Autumn is beautiful, a strange one this year. The Giro d’Italia is happening, while a virus is also making its way around the world - but let's not give that too much importance, let’s not overestimate it. Of course, many people have suffered and continue to suffer. However, as the Pope himself said, negative chit-chat is worse than the virus. What is happening to us is not some kind of divine punishment, it is not a bad thing or a good thing, it is simply there; the situation is the way it is because it cannot be otherwise. Then again, perhaps too much beauty without any faults would be somewhat excessive: “and to us is negated the idiocy of perfection” as the extraordinary Szymborska once wrote. Aristotle once said that we are purified by the pity and fear of tragedy.

Today, we have a huge opportunity: we can choose to change. For the better. What better time to do it than in autumn, with all its changing colours? As we find ourselves in nature’s cinema, in real contact with ourselves and with nature, we can find the time we need to dedicate to the things that really count. Autumn is the perfect season to get back on our feet and find our balance again. From “out-of-season” to the “in” season. In the moment. Inside ourselves. Perhaps dreaming of cycling among these magnificent mountains, as we allow our bodies to relax. Perhaps with some chestnuts roasting on the fire and a bottle of delicious new wine. So, you are all invited to slowly escape, maybe taking your loved ones by the hand and whispering: “let’s go and look at the leaves falling”.

michil costa

August 07, 2020

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