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Alta Badia
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Michil's corner

President of the organizing committee



A race

It’s us, we are a lot
we are here late at night
but it is not for fear of motorists
as Lucio Dalla says,
and we are not pessimistic
and we are good thoughts.
We are here for a race
a race, a party.
One there in front leaves
the first lights on the peaks
he shows off
from the top of that kind of bike
from past times
The others
gain ground,
a rustle, fastly they overtake him
others less nimble
talk, they have fun
the last one also starts,
hero not less than the first one
who already greets Coppi, on the Pordoi.
And the howl of ghosts make their way "will I make it too?"
The first ones, with bowed heads, are head to head
With the climb of real climbers
the last ones in comparison
seem like the march of penguins.
Bombs fell
now the trees have fallen
"a disaster" they said
the fall of fir and arolla pines
now the sway of small larches remains
Voices from the race arise and breathe
talking crying laughing and singing
everyone in his own personal sprint
but here he comes, here he comes
the feared Passo Giau
damned wall of the cat
we are not black cats
and everyone here rediscovers themselves as brave
and recognizes themselves as vulnerable
The crowd goes crazy! They scream push jump
crazy enough to win the race
joy and pain
Very mobile and very stable wisdom
Who thought the race forever
Now, now the bacillus is here
"a disaster" we say
Empty are the streets, but full the thoughts
Closed, divided, but united in an infinite quiver of vitality,
but here life aspires to widen.
There is something in common, continuous,
it is what we start from, because there we will come back again
see us at the Race that is not happening now
but will be here again
and we will be there
and it will still be us, and it will be a lot of us
and we'll be here late at night
and it will not be for fear of motorists
as Lucio Dalla says,
and we are optimistic
and we are excellent thoughts
we will be here for a race for a party
see us at the next Maratona

michil costa


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