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Alta Badia
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Maratona for Kids

created and organized by Sportful


In the majestic Dolomites, in a landscape where times seems to have stood still, children find space in harmony and perfect balance. The sound of their voices, in a moment of celebration all for them, makes the music of the echoes that resonate even more enchanting.


A journey of more than 10 years with a wonderful intuition from Maria Canins and her 4 friends of the Sportful, thinking to the Maratona For Kids. Inspired by the Sassongher massif, thinking of the children, their joy and desire to play, they created a unique event in the frame of the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage.


At the 12th edition, we met more than 4000 children, who have cycled with a free spirit full of joy. The Maratona For Kids has always been enhanced by a jersey, created and designed for them. In realizing the Maratona For Kids, Sportful puts passion, joy and enthusiasm: dedicating a new theme every year and making it unique. 

Also this year, the jersey was also designed by Fabio Vettori (www.fabiovettori.com), Italian artist and illustrator who, through its ants-themed designs, reimagines the valleys and places of Alta Badia; a jersey that becomes a fun and witty picture to keep and collect.


Saturday 30th June 2018, the Maratona For Kids will take place in Corvara. It’s organized by Sportful and the friends of Alta Badia. This is a non-competitive race for children aged 6-12 years, the use of a helmet is mandatory and registrations are limited. For the first 400 that will register will be given a free exclusive cycling jersey, specially designed by Sportful. The event will be held at the adjacent lawn at the arrival area of the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel. The departure is at 10.30 a.m. and batteries will be made starting by age class. Mountain biking is recommended. No bikes or helmets are rented on site.


Entries will be held exclusively on Saturday morning starting at 9 a.m. directly at the venue and will cost € 5,00 per child. All proceeds will be given to charity to help extremely poor children who attend the school of Kangole in North Uganda. Many of them live too far away and need to spend the night at school. They don't even have mattresses and sleep on the floor, which is full of holes. By donating bunk beds and mattresses, we are giving them a better life! This project is curated by the Association of Groups “Insieme si può…” NPA/NGO (www.365giorni.org).

The parents of the children attending the Maratona for Kids are kindly requested to present at the registration the completed consent. The consent can be downloaded by clicking here.