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Alta Badia
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25th edition - 10th July 2011




Giulan’ – ‘thanks’  was the title of the 2011 Maratona, now in its 25th year. 9131 days had passed since 1987 when the first Maratona was staged with 166 cyclists over 177 km. Some of these, like Giorgio Apolloni with bib no. 1 and Roberto Della Noce, no. 2, still race today with the same enthusiasm as in the past. The race is also ridden by Olympic champions, Italian and international managers and famous people, who have long enjoyed the exciting challenge that allows them to admire the Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ENEL became a title sponsor of the event.



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26th edition - 1st July 2012



2012: was the year of the ‘Smile’. 8703 cyclists competed, 746 of whom were women. As always, there were many well-known figures and it was a marvellous day. The Maratona dles Dolomites is not only a great sports festival, but a celebration of the environment. There are lots of initiatives as incentives for an eco-sustainable event. New features in 2012 included: official jerseys no longer wrapped individually in plastic packages (eliminating a ton of useless waste – around 2000 m of plastic), the eco-pocket on the side of the jersey, the use of completely recyclable propylene cups and plates at the finish line refreshment point and a 60% reduction in paper inside the race packs, thanks to the help of partners and sponsors. Numbered slips were also given out to all riders at the finish line who, once they had received a drink, gave the plastic bottle back for collection in a recycling bin. Among the slips given out, some were chosen for free registration in the next Maratona dles Dolomites. There was once again a free shuttle bus to take cyclists to the expo and bib distribution area. Finally, the cleaning staff saw a 50% reduction in waste on the Maratona roads. The event’s “Carbon Neutrality” index in 2012 was 80%. A great result.



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27th edition - 30th June 2013





Cold, snow, sun and dedication followed in perfect ‘Harmony’ - the theme of the  2013edition. There were 9143 cyclists of the 9339 selected by lottery, from 52 countries. The temperature at 6.30 am, the time the race started, was 5°. Despite the cold, the competitors raced to conquer the Dolomite passes with the usual courage. Michil Costa, the event organiser, described the day after 6 hours of live TV broadcasting as “…an important page in a book of wonders, the ideal combination of nature, culture and plenty of heart”.



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