The Maratona is a green event

Green Event” certification recognises the quality of initiatives that are planned, organised and implemented according to sustainability criteria.
The main attributes that are required to be classed as a “Green Event” are: resource efficiency, waste management, enhancement of the local area and social responsibility. These purposes are in line with the long-term climate strategy launched by the South Tyrol Provincial Council, which has set itself the target of reducing annual CO2 emissions per capita to under 4 tonnes by 2020 and below 1.5 tonnes by 2050.

Starting from 2019, the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel has also been awarded “Green Event” status, thanks to its numerous initiatives to manage resources in the best way possible and its measures to reduce excessive energy consumption. The theme chosen for the 2019 edition was "tomorrow" which goes perfectly with Green Event values. Thinking about tomorrow is an invitation for all of us, whether cyclists or not, to question ourselves about the future of the planet, starting from each one of us - what we can do as individuals and as a community to slow down the exaggerated use of the resources that Mother Nature has been giving us for thousands of years.

More specifically, the reasons why the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel has been classed as a “Green Event” are as follows:

  • Green angels, the six mechanics on electric bikes who follow participants along the course;
  • Completely electric cars, the environmentally-friendly cars made available by Audi, that accompany the judges and provide assistance along the race route, with Arcese Trasporto also donating an electric van to the event;
  • Green corners, the special containers situated inside the Maratona Village that allow organisation operators to help visitors to sort their waste, trying to increasingly raise awareness among people to recycle properly and waste less;
  • Re-using wood, the structures that host the various partners have been made, for the first time, from wood supplied by a local company that only uses wood taken from the trees that fell during the bad weather conditions last October;
  • Shuttle service, the shuttle that connects all the villages in Alta Badia and that participants can use to get to Badia for free to pick up their race packs. This is by no means a new feature but it is essential to avoid traffic problems and to reduce energy consumption;
  • Close attention paid to materials, the Maratona Magazine is printed on recycled paper and invitations and notifications are sent to cyclists in electronic format only;
  • Waste, the regulations state that any participants who throw paper or other waste on the ground during the race will be disqualified;
  • Volunteers, a group of forty people who spend the day after the Maratona inspecting the six Dolomite passes and the entire race route, collecting any rubbish that passers-by may have left there throughout the year.

Our partners are on the same wavelength
Many of our partners are very aware of environmental issues, which is why they find it important to work on an event as important as the Maratona. We’ve been working with Carvico for years, which provides the race pack vests that are always very popular and are made entirely from recycled materials (PET bottles). Enervit, another of the Maratona's historical partners, pays a great deal of attention to environmental issues and, for a long time now, it has been producing the bags for our race packs out of cotton instead of plastic. Rana, on the other hand, supports our pasta party using materials made entirely from biodegradable plastic. The Castelli tops are provided in paper bags to avoid nylon ones and, with the help of Enel, the empty plastic bottles that participants are given straight after crossing the finish line are collected.
At our refreshment stands and pasta party, we only use recyclable plates and cutlery which are collected and recycled in collaboration with Corepla, a company whose mission is to raise awareness among the public and other business about the correct management of plastic packaging and to maximise their recycling potential by educating people about sustainable consumption, waste prevention and the promotion of research and technological innovation.

Charity work and ecology
Thanks to our charity registrations, we have supported two projects linked to nature. The first refers to the areas of Agordino and Fodom. On October 29th 2018, extremely bad weather in the Dolomites caused extensive damage, destroying millions of trees, roads, trails and damaging entire villages. The areas of Agordino and Fodom were particularly bad hit. That’s why the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel Committee decided to organise a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the municipalities of Colle Santa Lucia and Livinallongo, who have seen the immense group of ‘marathoners’ pass through for years.
The second is dedicated to “Healthy Seas” which, to mark World Oceans Day, spectacularly collected the ghost nets in the port of Lipari and along the surrounding coasts of the Aeolian Islands. By using part of the proceeds generated by its charity registrations, the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel was able to support this important initiative.
The nets will be delivered to Aquafil which will turn them into polyamide, to be used, in turn, by Carvico to make their fabrics.

Thanks not only to its own actions but also to the support received from its partner companies, the Maratona aims at taking increasingly big steps towards a tomorrow that knows how to look to the future with increasing respect for nature. We're all well aware that we only have one planet, and it doesn’t belong to us, it merely hosts us. 

Join in and help us to make our event increasingly respectful of the environment. If we want tomorrow to be a real and liveable possibility, we must to act today.