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Alta Badia
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9th edition - 2nd July 1995


The Maratona continued to grow: 1995 saw 6674 people sign up - 1500 more than the year before. There weren’t enough numbers (6500 had been ordered) or jerseys: the former were printed hurriedly on a computer, while the latter were posted to competitors’ homes. There were starting grids, with three groups of riders starting at different times. 



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10th edition - 7th July 1996


1996 was an important year for the Maratona. The Maratona dles Dolomites Committee was formed and substituted the Rodes Alta Badia, with the arduous task of organising and foreseeing the ‘future’ of what was becoming a special event as part of a gran fondo cycle race. 6463 people signed up. There was bad weather, it rained and was cold on the Sella, but  “the show must go on”.



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11th edition - 6th July 1997


1997: The first decision of the Maratona dles Dolomites Committee was to combine the race, on the 28th September the same year, with the first edition of The Terrific Alta Badia Race, named after local champion Maria Canins. A brochure was printed for the first time and the week before the competition was filled with lots of events – not only linked to cycling.  



Click here to see the statistics of the 11th edition.



12th edition - 5th July 1998


The growing success of the Maratona led the new committee to think of limiting numbers, although the competition retained the same format in 1988. It was a splendid day and the help of volunteers made it a perfect race. 



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13th edition - 4th July 1999


1999 saw the introduction of the Datasport precision timing system, with Datachips that took readings in real time from start to finish. The formula of a cyclists’ week gained even more ground, thanks to sports and entertainment events, as well as collateral events to the Maratona, including the Tenerific Maria Canins, a cycle race for kids aged 4 to 12.



Click here to see the statistics of the 13th edition.