4th edition - 1st July 1990


The route changed, but not the substance: the 1990Maratona was 184 km long and included the Valparola Pass, descended to Cortina, the Tre Croci Pass, Misurina Lake, the Cimabanche watershed, Cortina, the Giau Pass, Colle Santa Lucia, Caprile, the Fedaia Pass, Canazei, the Pordoi Pass, Arabba and the Campolongo Pass. There were 5000 metres of difference in altitude. There was also a shorter, more manageable route. There were 951 participants, including the first American. It was also the year of the first Maratona jersey that was given to all competitors.



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5th edition - 7th July 1991


1991: there were over 1000 participants – 1292 to be precise – of whom 32 were women and the Maratona finish line became electronic. The passages and times of competitors were recorded by a sign on the rear numbers and registered by IT systems. The weather was bad once again: it poured down from Lake Misurina to Cortina. The hail was painful. Then the sun returned to shine on the winner, Rainer Emerich of Dobbiaco on the short route and Pasquale Fiscato, from Veneto, on the long route. 



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6th edition - 5th July 1992


1992 was the saddest year in the history of the Maratona. 2583 signed up but only 1897 took part. The cold was biting and it rained heavily. A serious road accident cost Luigi Nagler his life and injured Giovanni Fedrizzi.



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7th edition - 4th July 1993


The Maratona’s success continued to grow exponentially. In 1993 there were over 3000 participants (3095 of whom 138 were women). For logistical reasons this was the last Maratona that left from Pedraces. It was the end of the pioneering era and a new modern era began for the most fascinating race in the world. This edition’s route was 160 km long, without the Giau Pass. 



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8th edition - 3rd July 1994


1994 saw a new phase of the Maratona: there was such an increase in participants that the organisers decided to move the start of the race to Corvara. 5031 people took part – almost 2000 more than the previous year. There was a start time difference of over 16 minutes between the front of the group and the rear. It was a lovely day and the competitors felt the heat. 111 riders were caught without a helmet and were disqualified. 



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