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Charity entries 2020


388 GOLD, PLATINUM and CRYSTAL-TICKETS can be purchased by credit card exclusively online on www.maratona.it


194 charity entries at an increased price which surcharge is destined for charity (less the registration fee of 131 euro) will be sold (payment by credit card) on our website www.maratona.it on November 25th 2019 as from 6 p.m. (GMT+1):

• 175 GOLD entries at a price of 300,00 Euro;
15 PLATINUM entries at a price of 500,00 Euro;
4 CRYSTAL entries at a price of 1.500,00 Euro.

Further 194 charity entries (175 GOLD, 15 PLATINUM and 4 CRYSTAL entries) will be sold online on www.maratonat.it on March 25th 2020.


With the purchase of a charity entry you will get a small souvenir from the charity organization in addition to a preferential starting grid (Gold registrations in the second grid, and the Platinum and Crystal registrations in the first starting grid).


Further information about the charity projects will soon be available on this page.




Furthermore the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel started a charity collaboration with Action Medical Research, an UK-wide charity funding vital research to help sick and disabled babies and children. They have been funding medical breakthroughs since they began in 1952 and almost everyone has been touched in some way by their ground breaking work like the first polio vaccines in the UK, ultrasound in pregnancy and the rubella vaccine. The research they have funded has helped save thousands of children’s lives and changed many more.

Every pound raised has helped fund studies that could one day help children like Monroe, who at one week old lost his battle against the serious bowel condition, necrotising enterocolitis, Iona, who at five was diagnosed with brain cancer and little Joshua who had a rare and incurable condition, Jeune syndrome, and needed a ventilator to help him breathe.

Purchase a charity registration for the Maratona 2020 with Action Medical Research HERE



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