Charity entries 2017


386 GOLD, PLATINUM and CRYSTAL-TICKETS purchased by credit card exclusively online on www.maratona.it

Once again, we will offer special registrations at an increased price, the difference of which will go to three associations:
• the Südtiroler Sporthilfe (www.sporthilfe.it) which supports real sporting talents, young people who can not afford to finance their competitions;
• the Association of Groups of Belluno "Insieme si può" ("Together we can") a non-profit making organization NPA/NGO (www.365giorni.org) wich supports the project described below related to the environment in Uganda;

• the “Alex Zanardi BIMBINGAMBA” Association (www.bimbingamba.com) which makes artificial limbs for children who have undergone amputations and do not have access to proper health care.


193 charity entries at an increased price which surcharge is destined for charity were already sold on November 23rd 2016.


Further 193 charity entries at an increased price which surcharge is destined for charity (less the registration fee of 112 euro) will be sold (payment by credit card) on our website www.maratona.it on March 23rd 2017 as from 6 p.m. (GMT+1):

  • 175 GOLD entries at a price of 250,00 euro;

  • 15 PLATINUM entries at a price of 500,00 euro;

  • 3 CRYSTAL entries at a price of 1.500,00 euro.

With the purchase of a charity entry you will get a small souvenir of the event in addition to a preferential starting grid (Gold registrations in the second grid, and the Platinum and Crystal registrations in the first starting grid).



A project to protect the environment and safeguard humankind in the most fragile regions of northern Uganda


The highest form of LOVE

The highest form of love is the one that permanently connects each and every human being to his and her land: planet Earth. This Love enables us to acknowledge that we are all children of the same planet and we are all brothers and sisters irrespective of geography, culture or religion. In return, the Earth shows us extraordinary Love: men, women and children do not only benefit from its fruits, but are also the guardians of its resources and delicate environmental bonds.

The project
“Insieme si può…” and the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel commit to protecting this message in the rural communities of the Karamoja sub-region in northern Uganda, which preserves a fragile and precious environmental heritage for the Planet. Its people, who are historically deeply connected to their land, are lagging in terms of human and financial development, a situation made even worse by the significant ongoing climate change.
The goal of the project is therefore to support local communities in finding a sustainable balance through an agricultural and environmental approach which will help to curb malnutrition among local people and protect their natural heritage.
The direct beneficiaries of the project will be pupils and staff at schools in the Moroto and Napak districts, and groups of private farmers selected amongst the pupils' parents and relatives.

The journey
All beneficiaries will receive specific training courses designed with the aim of informing them on what is happening on a global scale from an environmental point of view, and educating them on the actions which need to be taken to safeguard and manage natural resources on a local scale. The notions learnt on the courses will be put into practice thanks to the support of local agronomists, by creating sustainable vegetable gardens, and planting fruit trees and wood trees to contrast erosion and desertification. Each participant will then be encouraged and aided to perform the same activities on his or her own private land, in order to generate a virtuous cycle which also involves people of neighbouring communities. The courses include lessons on responsible management and waste recycling, with practical group activities showing how these can be achieved.




The “Alex Zanardi BIMBINGAMBA” Association (www.bimbingamba.com) makes artificial limbs for children who have undergone amputations and do not have access to proper health care. These children come from all over the world and have lost one or more limbs as a result of accidents, illness or injuries from explosives or firearms in war zones.
BIMBINGAMBA Association operates thanks to R.T.M. Ortopedia and Centro di Riabilitazione Casalino, the close collaboration of Dr. Claudio Costa’s Clinica Mobile nel Mondo, the physiotherapist Claudio Panizzi and Studio Ferri & Associati di Bologna.
Throughout their stay in Italy the children also receive logistical assistance. So far more than 100 child amputees have been treated.
The Association is also actively involved in the BIMBINGAMBA – Sport project, designed to get children with amputations or spinal injuries into the sport of handbike.




Furthermore the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel started a charity collaboration with Action Medical Research, an UK-wide charity funding vital research to help sick and disabled babies and children. They have been funding medical breakthroughs since they began in 1952 and almost everyone has been touched in some way by their ground breaking work like the first polio vaccines in the UK, ultrasound in pregnancy and the rubella vaccine. The research they have funded has helped save thousands of children’s lives and changed many more.

Every pound raised has helped fund studies that could one day help children like Monroe, who at one week old lost his battle against the serious bowel condition, necrotising enterocolitis, Iona, who at five was diagnosed with brain cancer and little Joshua who had a rare and incurable condition, Jeune syndrome, and needed a ventilator to help him breathe.

Purchase a charity registration for the Maratona 2017 with Action Medical Research HERE



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