Ciüf - Flora

Ciüf, Flora is the theme for the 35th edition of the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel


A natural logo
text by Manuel Bottazzo, graphic designer of the Maratona

I am proud to be part of the generation of creatives who, in order to do this job, had to “know how to draw” conditio sine qua non... and had to know how to do it well I might add.
On my table, which was permanently littered with sharpened pencil shavings and rubber residue, you could find expensive Pantone markers and precious Rotring Rapidographs. A creative had to know how to express their ideas, first and foremost by drawing well, in order to win over the customer.

The computer was a tool that was already in use, but it certainly did not exceed human talent. There were no Google searches: to think of a logo you needed to study, you needed artistic culture, knowledge, you had to have your own up-to-date archive in your mind, built with exhibitions, films and personal studies ... I remember the meeting room in the agency where I started working really well: there were art books, collections of international graphics, photography books, encyclopaedias and rare books. That was the “search engine” of a creative of my generation.

This background information aims to explain that for me, the approach to the creation of a logo has always been something serious.
With time, I have transferred this vision to my staff too, this methodical habit of researching, thinking, paying attention, using a pencil and moving it freely on a sheet of white paper, letting the ideas flow.

The new Ciüf logo led us to take on the challenge of giving up technology entirely. An approach not from the 1980s but from the turn of the Century, a pure, primordial, artistic approach, where we got help from historical botanical texts and drew our inspiration from period illustrations, etchings and typographical characters taken from ancient art books. Due to our professional training, we are naturally passionate about printing techniques, typography and everything which used to be and still is the analogue part of our job.

In our team, we have a young artist who has taken up the ancient art of engraving and the printing press with great humility and passion.

The Ciüf creative project was carried out by eight hands. We started with the drawing, first using a pencil and subsequently with China ink, then engraved on linoleum to create the first matrix and lastly we printed with typographic proofs to give rise to the Ciüf logo that you see replicated today.

To complete the project, we illustrated plants and flowers from Alta Badia following the same style and the same trait present in ancient 19th Century botany books to create patterns that you will find replicated on the commemorative jersey and on the communication materials.